Project Team 

The project team is composed of two firefighter groups, San Francisco Firefighter Cancer Prevention Foundation  and the United Fire Service Women ; researchers from UC-Berkeley, UC-San Francisco and the Silent Spring Institute; and environmental health advocates fromCommonweal  and the Breast Cancer Fund .

We have also assembled an expert advisory panel that we can consult with on everything from data collection to sharing the study findings.



Heather Buren

Principal Investigator

Lieutenant and Paramedic San Francisco Fire Department United Fire Service Women (UFSW) President 

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Rachel Morello-Frosch

Principal Investigator

Professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health and Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management

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Ruthann Rudel

 Principal Investigator

 Research director, Silent Spring Institute 

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Tony Stefani

Principal Investigator

Retired Captain with 28 years of service, San Francisco Fire Department

Chairman/Founder, San Francisco Firefighter Cancer Prevention Foundation 

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Roy Gerona, Ph.D.

Analytical Chemist

Dept of Laboratory Medicine, UC San Francisco

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Karen Kerr Stone, M.A.

Study Liaison to the San Francisco Fire Department

Retired Lieutenant, San Francisco Fire Department; Member (and Past President) of United Fire Service Women (USFW)


Karen Heald, MS, JD

Firefighter Outreach and Communication

Lieutenant, San Francisco Fire Department


Lisa Holdcroft

Firefighter Outreach and Communication

Firefighter/Paramedic, San Francisco Fire Department


Julie Mau

Firefighter Outreach and Communication

Lieutenant San Francisco Fire Department

United Fire Service Women (UFSW), Treasurer

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Tasha Parks, BS

Firefighter Outreach and Communication

Captain, Engine 32, San Francisco Fire Department

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Sharyle Patton

Co-Chair, Communication, Education and Policy Implications Team

Director, Biomonitoring Resource Center, Commonweal

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Nancy Buermeyer

Policy Implications Advisor

Senior Policy Strategist, Breast Cancer Fund

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Connie Engel, Ph.D

Co-Chair, Communication, Education and Policy Implications Team Science & Education Manager, Breast Cancer Fund


National Advisory Panel