Karen Kerr Stone, M.A.

Study Liaison to the San Francisco Fire Department

Retired Lieutenant, San Francisco Fire Department

Member (and Past President) of United Fire Service Women (USFW)

UFSW is an employee advocacy group that is committed to being directly involved in recruitment, retention, promotion and education of women in the San Francisco Fire Department. ( same para from Heather’s bio)

Karen Stone provides overall coordination of interface with the San Francisco Fire Department as a dedicated SFFD Staff Liaison. Losing a close friend in the SFFD to breast cancer, concern over the increasing rates of cancer cases throughout her career and her involvement in the movie Toxic Hot Seat have led her to dedicate her time to this project and advocating for improved firefighter and chemical safety standards. She brings her healthcare research background, 18 years working for the SFFD and her personal experiences and passion to the project.