Tony Stefani

Principal Investigator

Retired Captain with 28 years of service, San Francisco Fire Department

Chairman/Founder, San Francisco Firefighter Cancer Prevention Foundation

In 2006, Captain Stefani founded the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation (SFFCPF). The SFFCPF is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of Cancer in both active and retired San Francisco Firefighters. Captain Stefani has also been an advocate supporting legislation on both the State and National level to reduce toxic chemical exposures to firefighters and the population in general.

Captain Stefani received has received numerous awards for his work, including the 2010 San Francisco General Hospital Foundation “Heroes and Hearts” award; the 2010 Phoenix Society of San Francisco Award, in recognition of professional excellence and dedicated service in the San Francisco Fire Department; and the 2012 Greater Geary Boulevard Merchants Association Award 2012, for exemplary dedication to the community outreach and support through the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation.