Heather Buren

Principal Investigator

Lieutenant and Paramedic San Francisco Fire Department
United Fire Service Women (UFSW) President www.ufsw.org

Heather joined the SFFD in 1997 after running fire crews for a local youth conservation corps. She cross
trained as a firefighter/paramedic in 2002, and promoted to Lt in 2010. Heather is a co-primary
investigator of WFBC and current president of UFSW. Heathers interest in health and wellness coupled
with her grave concern regarding the staggering breast cancer rates among her firefighter community
became the catalyst for a fundraising campaign that raised over $40K and helped fund San Francisco
Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation and a local breast cancer advocacy group that supports
African American women.

The UFSW is an employee advocacy group that is committed to being directly involved in recruitment,
retention, promotion and education of women in the San Francisco Fire Department.